a personal journey
into the mysteries of manifestation & self-care
held within the Moon in astrology.
as the most changing, most fluctuating body in astrology,
understanding the Moon unlocks the secrets
of the constant life processes of coming into being & falling away.

4 weeks
Starting Sunday October 4th

manifestation, simplified.
are you ready to work alongside the structure of reality?

the Moon is the utmost representation of things coming into physical being.

the Mysteries of the Moon course is designed to teach you how to work alongside your natal Moon placement, understand the lunar phase cycle overall, and provide you with a clear framework to base your rituals around.

student testimonials for other courses:

now after learning the foundation of astrology through Maren, 

i feel confident enough to read my own birth chart and to read for others! 

i'm so happy to have taken this course to further my spiritual journey and to help educate others on a different level of thinking.

-Danielle P.

the Mysteries of the Moon is a live 4-week course that includes:
the Moon in traditional astrology
the Moon in modern astrology
the Moon through all 12 zodiac signs
the Moon through all 12 astrological houses
the Moon as self-care
the astronomy of the lunar phase cycle
the progressed Moon cycle
manifestation 101
manifesting with the lunar cycle
magic & ritual recommendations

to empower you to work alongside our most intimate astrological indicator.


  • 4 once-weekly course lesson calls (can attend live or watch replay)
  • Lifelong access to private Facebook group
  • 3-months access to New and Full Moon discussions with Maren (details pending)

Sunday dates:

3 main takeaways:
astronomical basis
before working alongside the Moon, we must understand its physical cycles.
natal Moon as self-care
understanding our emotional processes allows us to hold greater compassion for our inner needs, as well as others'.
manifesting with the Moon
as the most personal signal of things coming into being and passing away, learning practical basics to lunar manifestation is a lifelong investment.
hey, i'm Maren!

i'm a professional astrologer and author, with a background in and ongoing study of philosophy and psychology.

i help astrology enthusiasts learn practical astrology by understanding the rationale and astronomy behind astrology.

i've seen hundreds of clients throughout my practice and have synthesized my interpersonal experience with my academic background to offer my astrological knowledge to the world!

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