a comprehensive deep dive 
into the foundations of western astrology.
"It will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to understanding all of the foundations. 

These basics are almost... Well, not even almost... They're all you need!"
learn the language of the cosmos
are you tired of conflicting, confusing, or unsatisfying astrology information online? 

what if you could finally learn the foundations, straight from the source?

the Astrology Academy is designed to provide you with the what, the why, and the how of practicing western astrology.

student testimonials:

now after learning the foundation of astrology through Maren, 

i feel confident enough to read my own birth chart and to read for others! 

i'm so happy to have taken this course to further my spiritual journey and to help educate others on a different level of thinking.

-Danielle P.

the Astrology Academy is an extensive work-at-your-own-pace course that includes:
technical concepts
counseling considerations
and a step-by-step guide to reading a chart

to fully explore the foundations, explanation, and rationale behind astrological concepts!



  • 8 modules of the key astrology foundations
  • ​Dozens of hours of lectures, with examples
  • ​History, philosophy, astronomy, & theory
  • ​Counseling skills & ongoing self-work
  • Weekly Q&A calls with me, Maren, to discuss course concepts & receive feedback in practice
  • ​Ongoing support in the community Facebook group for students
  • ​Lifelong access as the course is updated, refined, & expanded

all leading up to the end result of a step-by-step methodology to read charts in a straightforward, confident, and nuanced manner.

you're getting:
straightforward lessons
fast-track to astrological confidence that is endlessly more efficient than scouring the internet
answers to "why" we do what we do in astrology
reasoning behind astrology that includes philosophy, psychology, and astronomy

counseling considerations
interpersonal skills & personal contemplation to take with you for the rest of your life

hey, i'm Maren!

i'm a professional astrologer and author, with a background in and ongoing study of philosophy and psychology.

i help astrology enthusiasts learn practical astrology by understanding the rationale and astronomy behind astrology.

i've seen hundreds of clients throughout my practice and have synthesized my interpersonal experience with my academic background to offer my astrological knowledge to the world!

watch Astrology Academy student, Aryn, detail her learning experience:

you can achieve this same proficiency. join us today.

the Astrology Academy refund policy:

If you aren’t satisfied with the course within 30 days, you will be refunded. 

we will first ask for ways to any resolve issues and then inquire about feedback on how the material was not suited to your needs.

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